Working at Rickmers-Line


At Rickmers-Line, entries in various areas and for different career levels are available in a broad range.

Trainees (apprenticeships): Each year we take on new shipping trainees at  Rickmers-Line. 

Rickmers Academy

The most important resource for economic success in a dynamic environment like the shipping sector is committed and qualified employees. To meet the challenges resulting from this environment and the everyday work, continuous learning and the enhancement of individual abilities and knowledge are of particular significance. For this purpose, Rickmers Academy has been established as a provider of seminars and training courses. Rickmers Academy wishes to provide all employees with expert support in the individual further professional and personal development in a variety of subject areas. The seminar program therefore consists of various opportunities to learn new methods and techniques, and advance individual skills.
Job Offers/Vacancies
For open positions within Rickmers-Line please check this link to Vacancies within Rickmers Group