Information concerning Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of Containers

What is the new rule about and does it also apply to shipments with Rickmers-Linie?

As from 1 July 2016 the amended SOLAS Convention Chapter VI, part A, regulation 2 comes into force which requires the gross mass of packed containers to be verified prior loading on a vessel. The rule applies to all packed containers regardless of type of vessel and thus also applies to shipments with Rickmers-Linie.
Containers for which the carrier has not received a VGM certificate from the shipper 
will not be carried! 

How can the VGM be determined?

There are two methods prescribed by SOLAS:
1)     By weighing the packed and sealed container. Scales must be certified and calibrated accor    -        ding to the standards of the country where the weighing is being done.
 2)     Shippers may also add the weight of each package stowed in the container, plus packing and         securing material, plus tare weight of the container. 

Estimation of the weight is not allowed!

It is the duty of the shipper to submit a signed document to Rickmers-Linie which confirms that the shipper has verified the weight and that the VGM has been properly determined using certified equipment.

For more information on the legislation, please refer to the website of the IMO (International Maritime Organisation).

This information can be dowloaded here as PDF.