NPC Projects

The tramp and chartering specialist

NPC Projects is a tramp and chartering specialist with offices in Copenhagen, Bangkok, Singapore and Houston. The business has formerly operated under the name Nordana Project & Chartering. Since 1 July 2016 "NPC Projects” represents an independent division supplementing the Rickmers-Linie segment within the Rickmers Group.

NPC operates a multipurpose heavy lift fleet worldwide in the size range between 8,000 and 21,000 dwt with a lifting capacity of up to 500 tonnes.  The core fleet is made up of Nordana’s 12,000 dwt heavy lift vessels and includes Thai flag vessels. NPC is managed by Lars Steen Rasmussen (Copenhagen) and Torben Reinhard (Bangkok) and is a separate entity within the Rickmers-Linie segment.           
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